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Sterilance Press2 Pressure Activated Safety Lancet (23G)
RM 40.00
Easytouch 3-in-1 Cholesterol/Glucose/Uric Acid Monitoring System- Promo Pack (with 10's Cholesterol
RM 340.00
RM 250.00
Prodigy Pocket Blood Glucose Meter -Promo Pack with 50 Test Strips
RM 180.00
RM 95.00
Easytouch Cholesterol Test Strips (10 pcs/vial)
EasyTouch Cholesterol Test Strip (10 Pcs/Vial)
RM 75.00
EasyTouch Cholesterol Test Strip (25 Pcs/Vial)
RM 160.00
Easytouch Glucose Test Strips (50 Pcs/vial)
RM 75.00
Easy Touch Uric Acid Test Strip (25 Pcs/Vial)
RM 50.00
EasyTouch Blood Glucose/Uric Acid/Cholesterol Monitoring System
RM 265.00
Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips - 50pcs/vial
RM 85.00